On the verge of underground electro-pop, fashion and a sharp and personal fine art photography stands Quentin Caffier. Graduated from ENS Louis Lumière (master degree) in photography from almost ten years, Quentin confuse the sight and highjacks the aesthetics from his alternatives influences.

The man – who is also videomaker – is developing a free and instinctive yet technical photographic writing, who looked into westerned japan, Bowie’s 1000 lives or traditional fine art. Serge Moati, Arnaud Rebotini, Miss Kittin, Cédric Klapish, Amanda Palmer or fearless Fauve Hautot all came under his lights.

His images has been exposed in the Palais de Tokyo, the Glaz’art ou the Salon de la Photography. Renowned for his work on lightning and color, he also work as ambassador for prestigious hardware brands likes Canon or Manfrotto.

Lingerie / Swimwear